When To Prune Trees – Signs Your Trees Need Pruning

Pruning trees helps keep them beautiful and healthy. It also prevents property damage. If limbs or branches grow too large or become diseases, they could fall and cause injuries and damage to property.

Overgrown trees can also choke out the other plants in your garden. That’s why you should inspect your trees regularly to see if they could use some pruning. Knowing when to prune trees can also prevent these problems in the first place. So here are six telltale signs your trees need pruning.

Broken branches

Broken branches are common after heavy snow, winds, or rainfall. If you don’t remove broken branches immediately, it could become dangerous as the branch could fall off and injure someone or cause property damage. Inspecting the trees can help ensure that they’re intact. If you see broken branches, it may be time to put your tree trimming tools to good use.


High-density trees can cause damage when the branches break off. So if the branches have become too thick that you can no longer see through them, it is time to prune them. Tools such as Pruning shears or loppers work well for soft stems.

Diseased or dead limbs

A diseased or dead limb is an obvious sign your trees need some pruning. Dead limbs can also indicate a pest problem, so immediately remove the diseased or dead limbs to keep your trees healthy. Moreover, a tree with no diseased or dead limbs can improve your lawn’s curb appeal.

Weak branches

Branches infested with diseases or pests are already worthless. So if you see bowed or cracked branches, then it is time to get your tree pruner. Weak limbs may break and injure someone. On top of that, wild limbs can twist themselves around power lines and other trees and cause property damage. By pruning trees, you can remove the weak limbs and encourage healthy new growth.

Unusual growth

Trees in rural areas can’t grow adequately due to limited space. So instead of growing vertically, the trees extend outward. Regular tree pruning can help prevent this problem by reducing unusual tree growth.

Misshapen tree

Neglecting trees on your property can affect their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. After all, misshapen trees look unappealing and can cause property damage. So if there are misshapen trees in your backyard, you should get a pole saw and prune them right away.

When is the Best time to Prune Trees

You have to prune the tree when a storm has damaged the branches or it’s not growing improperly. Healthy trees should be pruned regularly based on various factors like the tree’s age and species.

Why you need to prune trees in the first place?

Trees that are pruned regularly are healthier. Pruning trees improves the roots’ ability to withstand weather elements and changing seasons. Regular pruning can also help prevent plant diseases.

Although there are disease control and tree spraying services, removing unhealthy and diseased branches keeps the tree healthy by limiting the spread of pests and diseases. It also keeps the rest of the rest of the tree healthy and prevents diseases from spreading to nearby trees.

Fruit trees can benefit from pruning as well. Aside from promoting spur growth, it also improves the tree’s overall health. Moreover, pruning the trees is vital for your safety. Pruning is essential if you have trees near electrical lines or roofs. Plus, removing dying or diseased branches improves the curb appeal of your lawn.

When to prune trees in your backyard

Pruning at the right time can prevent certain plant diseases such as stem cankers. If you can still see some morning dew or it rained hard recently, you should put off pruning your trees. Diseases can thrive in these conditions because the weather stimulates microbe growth.

You should also avoid pruning trees during fall. Pruning can encourage new and vulnerable growth. When winter comes, the new growth will affect the tree’s health. Fungi also spread much more quickly during fall. In fact, it is one of the leading causes of crop cross in the world, which is why you shouldn’t prune your trees during fall.

The best time to prune the trees in your lawn is during spring and winter or when the leaves are no more, and the trees are dormant. These conditions allow you to see what you are doing. The plant’s dormant state also reduces disease spread and trauma.


If you’re facing any of these situations, it means your trees could use some pruning. You can also talk to a local arborist for more information about tree trimming. But whether you call a professional or do it on your own, your safety should be your priority. Therefore, never fail to wear safety gear and use the proper tools.

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