How To Use A Pole Saw

Knowing how to use a pole saw should be your priority when dealing with this sharp tree trimming tool. Caution must also be observed to avoid accidents or injuries.

A pole saw is a mini-saw mounted on a long handle that can be extended to around ten to twenty feet. A manual pole saw is operated by moving its saw blade back and forth across the tree or branch by hand. Having a saw on the end of a long pole may seem tricky, but if you learn how to use a manual pole saw, you’ll find that it’s actually easy and effective for pruning trees and cutting branches.

Different Types of Pole Saws

You can find different types of pole saws equipped with more advanced power sources. They are powered by an engine, so moving parts are involved. Regardless of which type you choose, the best pole saw to buy should have a sturdy handle and a sharp blade that’s strong and efficient enough to cut branches, vines, and shrubs.

Gas Pole Saw

poulan pro pr28ps pole saw

If you have a big yard with lots of trees to prune, and you do not mind the noise, then a gas-powered pole saw is an ideal choice for you. It is typically used in remote settings or larger areas where an electric source is hard to access or not available. It is a popular option among professional landscapers due to its durability, power, and versatility.

Gas-powered pole saws also offer great mobility and excellent cutting capabilities. They can operate for long periods between fuel refills and cut through tree branches up to 8” in diameter, which is why it is preferred by most experts.

Electric Pole Saw

greenworks corded electric pole saw

For homeowners looking to maintain their small yard, an electric pole saw is a perfect option to consider. Since it requires a power outlet, how far you can trim depends on the length of your extended cord. It may not be as portable as the gas-powered ones, but electric corded pole saws are easy to use and require minimal maintenance.

The power an electric pole saw produces is measured in amperes, most of which range from six to ten amperes. It is powerful enough to cut small branches from two to five inches in diameter.

Battery-Powered Pole Saw

worx wg323 cordless pole saw

Also known as a cordless pole saw, a battery-powered pole saw is a good choice if you prefer a lighter saw and do not want the restricted by an extension cord’s length. It is quieter than gas models, but you shouldn’t expect silent operation, as pole saws naturally make noise.

Unlike corded electric pole saws, a battery-powered one has a limited amount of charge, which means you cannot use it for long periods. But you’ll love that it is fully mobile and portable.

How to Use a Pole Saw Safely and Effectively

Pole saws have a simple mechanism, but they could cause accidents or injuries to yourself and others around you if handled incorrectly. To prevent them from happening and ensure proper usage, here are some tips for using a pole saw safely and effectively.

Clear the area

Inspect your work area for any obstacles and clear out space where the tree is, ensuring that there’s nothing that can be damaged by a falling branch. Check for trip hazards like exposed roots and remove any boulders or uneven stones. Because you’re dealing with a sharp cutting tool, you’ll want to make sure that there’s nothing around you that could cause you to lose your footing.

Plan where to cut

Planning which branches you’ll cut in advance is an excellent strategy to keep you safe and ensure healthy, new growth. Improper cutting on a tree can cause severe damage, as the wound can significantly impact plant processes.

Therefore, if you are looking for a healthy pruning option, it is a good idea to cut at least a few inches from the tree trunk. But if you’re pruning to improve the tree’s appearance by eliminating unwanted growth or reducing the length of stems and branches that grow fast, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Ensure proper positioning

Hold the pole saw to make a forty-five-degree angle to the branch. Make slow strokes to create a ‘V’ cut, and try reversing your directing. Always maintain a single angle and if it slips sideways, stop, reposition the pole, and resume cutting.

While it is essential to ensure proper positioning of the saw, you also have to position yourself in a way that you are not directly under the branch. Whether it means standing to the side or as far back as possible, make sure you are not in the path. Keep a good base when cutting, and make sure that both your hands are always on the pole saw. Once you’ve positioned yourself and the blade is in place, make a groove cut and increase your speed until you cut through the branch.

Clean up the area before moving on to the next cut

Don’t let the fallen branches pile up around your working area. Move them out of the way before you make your next cut, so you have a clear space and don’t trip as you reposition yourself. After removing the debris from your first cut, get into the position and begin cutting for the second round.

Always Practice Caution!

A pole saw is a simple tool for cutting branches, pruning trees, and brush clearing. But operating it can also be scary and daunting, especially for beginners. So, now that you know how to use a pole chain saw, it’s still important to be reminded of some safety tips, even if it may not be your first time working with this tool.

  • Wear the right safety gear, including goggles, boots, snug-fitting clothing, gloves, and a hard hat or helmet. Never work without these protections.
  • Don’t use a pole saw in wet conditions or when it’s raining, especially if you’re using an electric pole saw.
  • Check the pole saw before use, making sure the pole is firm, and the chain is locked on the frame properly.
  • Always look out for flying branch sections.
  • Keep other people at a safe distance when you’re working with the saw.
  • Store your pole saw in a cool, dry place and out of reach of pets and children.
  • Take regular breaks when cutting and avoid working with a pole saw when you’re tired. Non-stop work will not only strain your neck, shoulders, and arms but also cause you to lose concentration, resulting in injuries or accidents.


If you know how to use a pole saw with rope, operating this tool shouldn’t be terrifying or overwhelming. This way, you can cut and prune branches to bloom and develop healthily and achieve a desirable structure. Also, make sure to keep the pole saw cutting techniques and safety tips in mind, so you don’t get harmed while maintaining your yard and keeping your trees in shape.

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