Bosch PS31-2A vs. PS32-02

Cordless drills nowadays are more powerful than they ever were, yet they become so lightweight and compact, and you can probably handle one even if you haven’t picked up a drill before. Selecting the best drill may sometimes be challenging because there are many manufacturers that produce all kinds of tools. But today, we are going to talk about the Bosch tool corporation, or more specifically, we are going to compare the Bosch ps31 vs. ps32 cordless drills. By that, let’s cut to the chase.

Bosch PS31-2A vs. Bosch PS32-02 Quick Review

bosch ps31-2a

Bosch PS32-02 is a 12V cordless drill\driver that has an EC brushless motor that provides a torque of 180 in.-Lbs. This is pretty powerful for a compact tool that weighs only 2.0 lbs. and is long only 6.5 in. It offers two speeds, and also a high-speed drilling setting, as well as a high – torque driving setting. It also has a 20+1 clutch setting that allows max versatility. The chuck capacity of this tool is 3/8,” and the rotation speed ranges from 0-400/0-1300 rpm. The tool comes with a charger and two 12 V batteries.

Bosch PS31-2A is also a 12V max cordless drill\driver. It offers 265 in.-Lbs. of max torque and weighs only two pounds. It has a setting for two speeds but also offers a 20+1 torque setting. The chuck capacity of the drill/driver is 3/8,” and the rotation speed ranges from 0-350/0-1300 rpm. It can be used as a tool for different jobs, even for electrical work. It also features LED lights and a single-sleeve three-jaw of 3/8 in. that secures the bits.

Both of these products are pretty similar. The following features imply to both Bosch PS31 vs. PS 32.

  • Chuck Type – Keyless
  • Cutting Cap in Steel – 0.75 in.
  • Cutting Cap in Wood – 0.38 in.
  • Torque Levels – 21
  • Reverse – Yes.
  • Rubber-Coated Handle – Yes.
  • Battery Type – 12V.

Although when it comes to pros and cons, every product has its own.

Bosch PS31-2A vs. Bosch PS32-02 Pros and Cons

bosch ps32-02

Bosch PS32-02 Pros

  • The tool comes with a charger, two batteries, and a carrying case
  • It is pretty durable, thanks to the lasting EC brushless motor.
  • It is versatile, thanks to the transition of the two speeds.
  • Performs well during extended driving and drilling periods.
  • It is very compact.

Bosch PS32-02 Cons

  • The chick loosens while using the clutch
  • The charger doesn’t have holes for mounting on the wall.

Bosch PS31-2A Pros

  • Has two 12V batteries, enhancing the operation time.
  • Comes with LED lights that enhance visibility.
  • Very precise, thanks to the two speeds and the clutch setting.
  • The high torque makes it very versatile.

Bosch PS32-02 Cons

  • It is not compatible with commercial use.
  • The chuck is not good.

That said, basically, the difference between these two drills/drivers is the fact that the PS32 is the newer model of the two. It has a brushless motor, and the PS31 is the previous one that also has a brushless motor. Both Drill/Drivers are made from the same company in Malaysia and offer the same quality. Both of them can be used to drill even into a concrete wall, just by using the best drill bits for concrete. And both of them can be used for more precise work.


There aren’t many manufacturers out there that can offer what Bosch offers to their clients. The price of these tools may be higher than other brands on the market. But, you won’t regret purchasing them. If you don’t mind spending a bit more, the new model PS32-02 is the right choice, but if you are on a budget, you can’t go wrong with the PS31-2A either. Because both of these tools will provide you with a quality performance that will last long-term. Although there are many other cordless drills out there that may work better for you, you can check them on our article about the best cordless drills.

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