The Best Table Saw Blades in 2022

Having an amazing table saw doesn’t always mean that it’s going to do a great job cutting wood. Often enough, the quality of the blade is what it comes down to when you see the result of how good the cut is. Owning some of the best table saw blades out there can definitely make a huge difference, so here are some you really need to have a look at.

dewalt dw3106p5 10-inch miter table saw blades
  • Durable Tungsten Carbide
  • Computer-Balanced Plate
  • Perfect for Both Miter Saw and Table Saw
  • 60-Tooth and 32-Tooth Blade

Our first choice is from a best-selling company when it comes to producing high-quality tools. This is one of the best 10-inch saw blades by Dewalt you can find and what’s really exciting here is the fact that it’s a combo pack of both one general purpose blade and a cross-cut one.

The blades are made out of carbide which means they won’t turn dull as fast as other, cheaper blades. Like we mentioned, the quality of the blade determines the results of the cut and it’s very important that you choose wisely. These two have smaller kerfs that allow smoother and sharper cuts. They are computer-balanced so there will be no vibrations affecting the quality of the cut.

On top of all this, this pick by Dewalt is actually quite affordable. It’s not the cheapest out there, which is good, and it’s also far from being the most expensive.

  • Affordable
  • Small Kerf
  • Combo Pack
  • Ideal for Both Crosscutting and General Purpose
  • Perfect for Hardwood, Softwood, Plywood, or Chip Board
  • None

Makita A-93681

Ultra-Thin Steel Blade for Fine Crosscutting

makita a-93681
  • Steel Plate
  • Micro-Grain Carbide Teeth
  • 5 Degree Hook Angle
  • .071 Plate Thickness
  • Ultra-Thin Kerf

This is the Makita 10-inch blade that is perfect for both table saws and miter saws. The blade features 80 sharp teeth which allow for some very fine cuts that leave smooth edges. The teeth are micro-grain carbide and are honed with up to 600 Grit for a very shiny finish.

This is a table saw blade you want to get if you’re someone who wants to lose a minimal amount of material and always get a smooth result. The kerf is, as you can probably imagine, very thin standing at .091”. The blade offers one of the finest crosscutting results you have ever seen and it’s perfect for this specific purpose.

You are free to use it for both hardwood, softwood, and plywood. And, there’s even more good news, this table saw blade comes at a very affordable price which is quite unbelievable for the features you are getting.

  • Affordable
  • Very Fine Crosscutting
  • Ideal for Hardwood, Plywood, and Softwood
  • Thin Cutting
  • Better for Miter Saw But Still Works on a Table Saw

FORREST Woodworker II

One of the Most Silent Saw Blades Out There

forrest woodworker ii
  • Blade Dampener
  • 30 Teeth
  • ⅝-Inch Harbor
  • 3/32-Inch Kerf
  • Cutting Diameter of 7.5 Inches

The Forrest Woodworker II is a highly durable saw blade and a special feature that makes it one of the best blades for a table saw is its noise reduction feature. The unique Forrest blade dampener does its magic when it comes to killing saw scream-whistle when the blade surface is vibrating.

On top of expecting one of the best noise reduction saw blades out there, this one also offers amazing cuts. It’s a 7-¼-inch blade with 30 teeth. The kerf stands at 3/32 inches and it does a wonderful job of providing accurate cuts without a problem.

Now, this blade is a bit more expensive than the others we’ve mentioned so far but it’s with a good reason. You’re getting a very sturdy and high-quality saw blade by Forrest with noise reduction capabilities, after all.

  • Highly Durable
  • Reduces Noise Greatly
  • Features a Hard and Precision Ground Flat
  • Almost 0 Bad Reviews
  • A Bit Expensive

Freud Diabo D1060X

An Italian Fine Finish Saw Blade You’ll Want

freud diabo d1060x
  • TiCo Hi-Density Carbide
  • Laser Cut Kerf
  • Perma-SHIELD Coating
  • 60 Teeth
  • 1.7 Pounds

We finally have one of the best table saw blades by Freud who are known to have some of the coolest blades around with tons of extra features that no one can resist. This particular one is a 10-inch blade with 60 teeth.

The material it’s made out of is Ti-Co Hi-Density carbide specifically designed to increase performance and allow you to get the most out of your new saw blade. The Perma-SHIELD non-stick coating is something to look forward to as well as it protects the blade from heat, corrosion, and gumming.

If you’re looking for some of the cleanest cuts you’ve ever seen then the laser-cut, super-thin kerf is going to give you just that. You get all of this, and more, at a reasonably fair price.

  • Many Cool Features
  • Excellent Fine Finish Results
  • Fair Price
  • Heat, Corrosion, and Gumming Protection
  • High-Quality Italian Production
  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee Included
  • None

Amana Tool – PR1040C

One of the Best General Purpose Saw Blades Ever

amana tool - pr1040c
  • Carbide Tipped
  • 40 Teeth
  • Electro-Blu Coat
  • 134mm Kerf
  • Non-Stick

Amana Tool has been in the tool production game for more than 40 years and you can always expect a fine product from them. This saw blade, in particular, comes in really handy for general purpose but if it had to have a specific title, then it would be one of the best table saw blades for plywood as its ability to go through this type of wood is outstanding.

It has 40 teeth and it is 10 inches in diameter. The blade is made out of carbide like many high-quality ones out there and it has a special coat of Electro-Blu for handling heat better and performing better in general.

It has all the standard features such as 5/8 bore, ATB tooth grind, and the hook angle is 18 degrees. When it comes to one of the most important parts, the pricing, this saw blade is, sadly, among the higher-priced ones.

  • 30 Day Return Available
  • Fine Cuts
  • Ideal for Solid Wood, MDB, and Chipboard
  • Reduced Heat Build-Up
  • Compatible with SawStop
  • A Bit Expensive
  • Works Best on Softer Materials

How to Choose a Table Saw Blade

We mentioned before that what type of saw blade you use is just as important as the saw itself. Without the right blade for the job or with a poor-quality one, you run the risk of damaging the piece of wood and getting some very poor results. If you want to improve your performance, you must know what you are looking for so be sure to follow our guide to get the best table saw blade for your needs.

What Type of Saw You Have

What you are about to read is very important when it comes to buying a table saw blade. If you have any brand of table saw then you need a blade that is fit for this machine. Don’t just insert any old saw blade you have laying around if you don’t want to encounter huge problems. Make sure the blade is fit for a table saw before purchasing.

What Type of Material Will You Be Cutting Most

Also very important is to take into account what type of material you’ll be needing it for. In most cases, when it comes to using a table saw the material in question is wood. However, there are blades especially for hardwood, plywood, and more.

Know the Different Types of Table Saw Blades

There are a few types of table saw blades you can buy and each is perfect for the purpose they are intended. Some are great for cutting plywood, some out there are the best table saw blades for ripping hardwood only, and so on. The most commonly used ones you will encounter are the following:

Ripping Blade

This type of saw blade is used for cutting natural woods, not man-made. The blade is perfect for cutting the wood with the grain to assure a clean cut without any cracks or damage. On average, the best table saw blade for ripping will come with 24 teeth with big gaps. This is because this blade will need to move fiber out of the wood as it cuts to ensure a clean and smooth cut.

Cross Cut Blade

The cross-cut blade is used for cutting wood across the grain and it does the opposite of ripping the wood. These blades often have anywhere from 60 to 90 teeth which are needed for creating very smooth cuts.

General Purpose Blade

This is where there might be some confusion so let’s explain what a general-purpose blade is. A general-purpose blade is a combination of a ripping and a cross-cut blade. This can be a miter saw blade, a table saw blade or any type, you’ll always see a combination for most circular saw tools. They are great when you can only afford one high-quality blade but it’s not better than a ripping blade or a cross-cut blade alone.


The composite blade comes in very handy when cutting most types of man-made materials such as plywood or MDF. The best composite blade would have around 60 teeth and it’s actually quite similar to the general-purpose blade only for different types of materials.


These are some crucial things you should know when it comes to purchasing the best table saw blade you can get your hands on. There are, of course, other features such as the kerf, diameter, bore, and similar ones you can find on any circular saw blade but this is always specified on the package and it’s easy to know what you are getting. To sum up, consider some of the amazing blades featured here and follow our guide to make sure you make a perfect choice.

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