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Weeds are a common enemy among gardeners and farmers as they muscle out desirable plants by competing for space, nutrients, and other resources, such as water and fertilizers. Although various control methods have been introduced in the past, weed problems remain a major challenge. Over 200 weed species have even developed resistance to herbicides used for controlling them.

But it doesn’t mean there’s no way to keep those unpleasant greens at bay. Some natural weed killers are effective at keeping stubborn weeds out of your garden and flower bed.

Why Use Natural Weed Killers for Lawns

When you’re having issues with weeds on your lawn, your typical approach may be to reach for chemical weed killers on the market. While most of them work great in getting rid of those annoying weeds, many people don’t really like to resort to chemical use for weed control due to its health and environmental impact. Instead, they prefer natural weed killers for several reasons:

Natural products are non-toxic

Chemical-based products may contain contaminants you may not want on your lawn. When you constantly use chemical herbicide, chances are it will eventually pollute the soil. A lot of conventional weed killers may also have chemicals and pesticides that not only can kill healthy grass but can also make lawns dependent on chemical treatments.

Weeds can quickly adapt to such treatments and eventually resist their effects. When this happens, you might have to use more herbicides, resulting in an increased quantity of chemicals in the soil.

They are safe to use

You can have peace of mind spraying natural weed killers knowing that they are non-toxic and safe to use. You’ll feel comfortable allowing your pets and children to play on the grass even after spraying it with natural products.

In addition, natural products don’t damage the quality of fruits. It means you won’t have to worry about using them on fruit-bearing trees and flowers.

They are cost-effective

Why spend a lot of money on commercial herbicides if some of the most effective natural weed killers can be found in your kitchen or pantry. There are multitudes of household solutions you can make, and they are affordable and highly accessible.

When you opt for homemade natural weed killers, you’re avoiding the use of chemicals and pesticides altogether. It’s an environmentally friendly approach to weed prevention that can help you save money.

Homemade Natural Weed Killers That Work

Natural weed killers are ideal for lawn maintenance by ensuring that your plants receive all the nutrients they need while controlling dandelions, crabgrass, and other common types of weeds that may pop up in your yard. If you’re looking for a homemade solution to protect your landscape and have a weed-free lawn, here are some products you can consider:



The list for homemade weed killers won’t be complete without mentioning vinegar. The active ingredient in vinegar, called acetic acid, makes it an effective solution to control those undesirable plant species. Typically, vinegar contains five percent acetic acid, but greater concentrations of this ingredient are available commercially.

Acetic acid has a unique ability to destroy cell membranes, resulting in the withering and drying of plant tissue, which leads to plant death. This makes your household vinegar a natural herbicide to control weeds in lawns and crops.

By reducing the pH level of soil surrounding the weeds, these stubborn greens cannot regrow, as they don’t have the nutrients they need to do so from the soil. Vinegar has been shown to kill some invasive plants effectively, especially young weeds. However, multiple applications may be required on tougher, more mature ones.

Lemon Juice

lemon juice

Everyone loves fresh lemon juice on a hot summer day, but did you know that it can also help you with lawn maintenance? Like vinegar, lemon also contains strong acid, so a combination of vinegar and lemon makes an effective weed killer.

Lemon juice has a high citric acid content, which may cause a burning effect on invasive plants when used on them directly. For a more effective solution, add four ounces of lemon juice to a quart of vinegar and put it in a spray bottle.



Salt (sodium chloride) is a desiccant, making it a common DIY solution to kill weeds. When absorbed by their root systems, salt disrupts the water balances, causing weeds to wilt and eventually die.

Salt is inexpensive and can be best used for small-scale gardening or lawns where it will be easily diluted by watering or rain. Adding a small amount of white vinegar and dish soap will enhance its effectiveness.

To make a homemade weed killer mixture using soap, simply add table or rock salt to water until it dissolves. You can start by making a 3:1 ratio of water to salt and just increase the amount of salt until it kills your target plant.

Other homemade weed killers to consider

Don’t forget some of the best and most effective natural weed killers you can also use. Though they may require more effort on your end, they often don’t need any solution at all.

  • Pulling – it may be an old-fashioned weed control method, but it still works. Plus, it’s guaranteed and effective. Just don’t forget to pull the root to get rid of them from your small garden completely.
  • Mulching – this method reduces weed competition against your valuable plants by blocking weed growth and minimizing germination of seed weeds while favoring your flowers and plants.
  • Digging – bring those hidden weed seeds and tough roots to the surface by digging them. If you prefer this method, it’s best to use a sharp knife or tool with a narrow blade that can slice through weed roots while minimizing soil disturbance.

How effective are natural weed killers?

Many gardeners and homeowners may still be skeptical about the reliability and effectiveness of DIY weed killers. But if you are looking for a safe and environmentally friendly option to control those pesky plants on your lawn, natural herbicides can be used as a weed killer with success.

You can also purchase organic herbicides if you’re unsure or don’t have time to make your own homemade solution. While most chemical-based products will only affect certain invasive species, natural weed killers may affect other plants within their application area.

Therefore, always practice caution to avoid damage or any issues to nearby vegetation. It’s also important to wear protection during the application, although your herbicide solution is natural, as it can still sting your eyes and skin.


Weed control and management may seem like a tedious process. But if you have the right tool and the best natural weed killer at your disposal, you can remove those unsightly weeds safely without harming other essential greenery. So, go ahead and choose your own method or natural solution for killing weeds.

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