new showroom : De Padova.

606 Universal Shelving System | Dieter Rams, 1984

Yak designed by LucidiPevere 2015

the entrance 

Taraxacum 88 S2 by Achille Castiglioni, 1988

"wow, how much passion has everyone put into this project (...) there has been so much love"
Piero Lissoni

The new De Padova and Boffi showroom celebrates the merger of the two furniture brands. The Santa Cecilia space in open-plan, like a loft-apartment, 1,100 square metre bright space designed by Piero Lissoni, art director of the two brands.

They call it an "hidden place" because you enter through a dark tunnel, which takes you below to an extraordinary garden, the entrance is also extraordinary because there's a window like if it were underground store, what's more this space is rather beautiful and welcoming... which has 4 meter-and-a-half ceilings, skylights and large industrial glazing you're in a mesmerizing world.

demain, je vous promets un article en français
je suis paresseuse en ce dimanche soir.
bon début de semaine à vous xx

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source : we have moved by De Padova

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