the poetic style of Anna Malmberg

Anna Malmberg est une photographe suédoise hors du commun. Hormis ses nombreuses collaborations avec l'agence Fantastic Frank et Ikea, ses photographies personnelles témoignent une recherche purement poétique présageant un étrange anachronisme, un miroir d'une réalité transcendante, inachevée.

Dans son billet de la semaine dernière, elle présentait sa cuisine vintage comme elle dit si bien. Rien n’a été retouché depuis les années 60. Intact. J'aime son style un peu bohème, brique à braque - erreur  volontaire de ma part qu'une amie m'a si bien corrigée, bric-à-brac - combiné avec ses vieilles affiches d'animaux... voilà, tout simplement intriguant.

BRIQUE ◆ [Québec] [Familier] Gros livre.

BRAQUE ◆ [Familier] Un peu fou, sujet à des sautes d’humeur, à des fantaisies, dont le comportement est imprévisible.
Anna Malmberg is a Swedish photographer, uncommon. Apart from her collaborations with Fantastic Frank, her personal photographs reveal a purely poetic research which suggests a strange anachronism, a mirror of reality transcended, outstanding.

Anna Malmberg | Fantastic Frank

Anna Malmberg | Paris

Anna Malmberg | Paris

foto : Anna Malmberg
her portfolio : Sylvie


  1. C'est une petite merveille de critique tout en légèreté ce billet estival sur le travail photographique si subtil d'Anna Malmberg !

    1. merci à toi très chère... j'ai apporté la correction qui te fera sourire, je crois!

    2. Hi,
      How is the plant with dark green leaves and white veins called? thank you!

    3. I am hardly searching ... on many botanical sites.
      I didn't find it.

      I made a post on my Facebook profile with the plants.
      Maybe someone will respond to me.

      I don't forget you... I am curious too.

    4. the plants is Euphorbia leuconeura, Madagascar jewel.

      good day!

  2. Thank you so much for finding out the name. I thought it reminded me of the plant i used to have years ago, but mine didn't have the pretty white veins on the leaves. It appears they disappear with age. I was looking to purchase it, but bummer! Impossible to find!

    1. Finally... I found it so pretty that I have ordered from Germany on eBay.
      I past one day to find a place ...

      I am waiting for :)

      nice day!

    2. Did you grow it from seeds?

    3. Yes :)
      It is a long process.

      - it takes about one month that seed grow.
      - let them in a dark room approximately 2 weeks.
      - maintain the soil humid. (each day)

      when you see the sprout, it is important to water them every day for 3 months.
      they are fragile during the first 3 months.

      On Instagram... I give tips for your seeds :

      I think... I will write a post on it.
      waiting for... maybe next week ;)

      if you have any questions... don't hesitate xx