an encounter with designer Elsa Karwai

J'ai découvert récemment les magnifiques créations de l'artiste aux multiples talents Elsa Kawai. Photographe de mode, directrice artistique, conceptrice graphique, web designer, inspirante Instagram(euse), tout y passe, rien ne freine sa créativité. Avec son mari, ils tiennent un weekly journal sur le web où ils présentent des créations spontanées, loufoques par moment, en somme le quotidien d'un couple créatif.

Intriguée par son parcours artistique, je lui ai posé quelques questions auxquelles elle a gentiment répondu. L'entretien est anglais. Pas de souci, cliquez plus haut sur l'option traduction :)

Can you tell us a little about your experiences and since when do you live in California?

I was originally born and raised in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and began working for a small design firm in the US about 14 years ago. I always dreamed of being in California since I was a kid and was fortunate enough to found my way here after spending a few years in Washington DC. I have been living in California for about 7 years now...

I love the diversity of people here and find the pace of San Francisco to be a good fit for me. It's a very adventurous and inspiring place, offering so much to do within a short drive and full of such creativity and unique individuals. I have been in the design industry for a while now focusing on product design and branding.  The most recent project I have been working on is " - California “ which we recently launched our demo.  It’s about improving your car buying experience and delivering it to your door step :)

How would you define your personal style?

Ummm ... I would say right now since the weather is cold, lots of thick shirt and sweater with cozy socks :) I been enjoying the minimal side of style and trying to make things simpler. Sometimes mixing graphical pattern and texture is really fun for me too.

Five words that best describe your Home?

We always try our very best to create a space that is Cozy, Minimal, Peaceful, Inspiring and Happy hehe… We always hope our friends and family are comfortable when they are here too … it’s our main goal.

What inspires you?

You ... :)  I would say people inspire me most. Everyone is so unique and has their own story. I find it fascinating meeting new people and hearing a little about them. Another thing that helps inspire me is nature. I love how it creates so much amazing and beautiful things. It helps inspire me everyday with the changes in seasons, colors and textures :) allowing us to feel different depending on what the day has to offer and create different art around it.

l'art photographique qui se lit, tout simplement ...

comme une merveilleuse histoire. une trame narrative s'insère entre chaque image, avec des blancs qui restent ouverts à toutes les interprétations possibles.

An Egg Story | Elsa Kawai

Ocean of Dreams  | Elsa Kawai

Misty | Elsa Kawei

Thanks Elsa for this interview... to share with us these stories and these beautiful photographs!

don't forget Instagram | Elsa Kawai

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