S.O.O.P. natural basics

S.O.O.P. is a small Swedish online shop unearthed on Instagram lately. It offers a wonderful selection of glass, porcelain and wooden items handmade by European designers.

Alexander Ortlieb's workshop, De Intuïtiefabriek, House Of ThoL, Studio Tord Boontje ...

Small shops such as S.O.O.P. allow craftsmen to live from their art by promoting the unique work of each of them. That's what I like.

Piccolini pocket peppermill by Alexander Ortlieb

Snowman small milk jug by Shin + Tomoko Azumi

Sloping Society vase by Alexander Ortlieb

SUM collection | De Intuïtiefabriek 

Waterworks by House of ThoL

S.O.O.P. est un petit online shop suédois déniché sur Instagram dernièrement. Il propose une magnifique sélection d'accessoires pour la maison faite à la main par des designers européens.

N'oubliez pas : les petits shops tels que S.O.O.P. permettent aux artisans de vivre de leur art en promouvant le travail unique de chacun d'eux.

IG : S.O.O.P.


  1. Nice selection of products!
    This scented soy wax candle on the first picture is made in Estonia (that's where I live), so happy that I have started to see them in shops outside Estonia as well, I absolutey love those candles, especially the vanilla one :)

    1. I just look at their site, their collection of products is very admirable especially 100% natural :)