"Leaf me" and "Cove" by Silke Bonde for THE POSTER CLUB

J'aime vraiment les nouvelles affiches « Leaf me » et « Cove » de la danoise, graphiste et artiste, Silke Blonde. Ce n'est pas étonnant que ses aquarelles inspirées de la nature nordique soient vendues dans les plus belles boutiques d'intérieure de par le monde. Simplicité des lignes, esthétique minimaliste.

"With this small collection I wanted to invite the nature inside. Both art prints are inspired by the beautiful ‘skeleton’ you will find in a leaf, always varying from one another and forming its own natural expression and thereby creating small and unique pieces of art... 'Leaf me’ is showing the beauty of the natural lines and patterns you will find in a leaf while ‘Cove’ represents the importance of the water and it’s ability to create life."
Silke Blonde

The prints are exclusively available worldwide at THE POSTER CLUB... take a look at their impressive selection.

styling : Sofie Brunner
foto : Enok Holsegård


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